How not to do your employer branding: 4 lessons

Not all companies realise that talented employees nowadays look for more than only a well paid job. Just like people don´t book a hotel just to sleep, but also for the location, the atmosphere and the service, they also don’t chose a job just based on the position or the salary. That’s why bad employer brand can cost you the best candidates. If you want to avoid that from happening, it´s better to take this 4 lessons to heart.

If your own employees don’t recommend you, you´re in trouble

The best advertisers of your company are your own employees. If they are unhappy, it will spread like wildfire. Thanks to social media and websites like Glassdoor potential candidates can find out practically anything about how your employees view your company. So make sure they are positive by treating
them well.

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Do not hide all your problems

If you want to maintain your image as an honest and trustworthy company it’s better to admit your weaknesses, before someone else reveals them. Companies like Google and Apple, for example, admit that have a problem with the diversity of their personal and report yearly on the progress they have made to resolve that issue.

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Talk about your people instead of your company

Companies with a strong employer brand don’t have to explain themselves. They show their people, their achievements, the environment future employees will be working in and what they could achieve. Look for example how Microsoft addresses new candidates.

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Don´t scare candidates away by using boring corporate language

The temptation of using corporate language is enormous. Banks, accounting companies, law firms – they want to come across as serious and trustworthy. While this approach may work I your communications towards clients, if you want to attract the attention of future employees a more playful approach can be helpful.

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