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Think tech talent is easy to lock down? Think again. New research from PageGroup shows that 9 in 10 technology professionals are open to new opportunities.  

However, it’s not about landing any new job. Europe's tech talent set their sights much higher than that. In an ‘Invisible Revolution’ sweeping the continent, factors like flexibility, work-life balance and shared company values are coming to the forefront.  

For our 2023 Talent Trends Survey, PageGroup interviewed nearly 70,000 white-collar professionals from around the world. Out of these, 28,000 are based in Europe and 10% work in tech roles. To gain a better understanding of what tech talent really wants, both globally and in Europe, we’ve created a special edition of our Talent Trends 2023 report, focused on technology

What drives today’s tech professionals? 

Competitive compensation, flexibility and work-life balance strongly influence tech workers’ priorities in choosing a new job. PageGroup’s study has found that: 

  • Almost a quarter of tech professionals in Europe (23%) name salaries, bonuses and rewards as their number one priority. 
  • Flexibility tops the list for nearly one in five (19%) tech candidates. Indeed, for 76% of tech professionals, flexible working hours are a must-have in a company’s flexibility policy. 
  • Over half (52%) of tech workers discuss work-life balance during job interviews, while a similar number (55%) agree that work-life balance contributes to job satisfaction.  
  • Tech professionals are increasingly looking for companies that share their values. A striking 90% of Gen Zers and millennials say they would switch jobs for this reason. 

What does this mean for businesses? 

Forget going back to the 'old normal.' These changes are here to stay. Businesses must adapt to keep attracting and retaining skilled professionals while remaining competitive.  

The good news? 61% of European tech professionals are happy with their salary. But companies should stay alert. As the demand for tech experts goes up and the number of qualified candidates goes down, salaries are likely to rise.  

And it’s not all about the paycheck. For tech recruits, the human focus is critical. Employers have to be mindful of the greater emphasis younger professionals place on personal wellness and need to create appealing, flexible work policies accordingly. While the opportunity for career progression is essential, a substantial 80% of European tech professionals prioritise mental well-being over climbing the career ladder. 

Your roadmap for winning the tech talent race 

While we’ve touched on key insights, the ‘Invisible Revolution’ doesn’t end there. Our full report offers a deep dive into what motivates tech professionals, plus practical tips to help your organisation succeed.  

Download your free copies of our European and Global reports today and, if you’re looking to hire new talent, request a call back to speak to one of our expert consultants. 

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