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Would you like to compare your remuneration with salaries currently offered in the market? Do you want to attract the best talent to your company?

Our latest report will provide you with all the information you need to verify salary levels in your sector, negotiate a satisfactory remuneration, or plan an attractive salary grid for your employees. Our recruitment consultants share their expert knowledge of specialist and executive salaries according to the employees' level of experience and skills. Gain insights into the labour market situation in 9 different sectors.

*Our analysis is based on data from Michael Page's recruitment and candidate interviews conducted in 2023.

An overview of salary and labour market trends


Minimum and maximum salaries

Over 400 positions, from specialist to executive roles across the country.

Labour market trends

Labour market trends

Analysis of the labour market in 9 sectors provided by Michael Page experts: the most sought-after positions in 2023!

Salary Guide study

In Salary Guide, we provide answers to the following questions:

What's the most important for candidates when choosing a new employer? What prevents the candidates from participating in recruitment processes? Has the Great Resignation ended?

Read A Guide to Salaries & Trends in the Labour Market now!

Stay up to date – an extensive knowledge of the latest salary data, HR trends, and forecasts.

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