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What is IT Contracting?

IT Contracting is a flexible form of cooperation between Michael Page and IT consultants or managers. It is a kind of “hiring” of qualified IT specialists from an agency for a certain time to carry out a specific project. 

Michael Page IT Contracting provides a range of services that consist in searching for and providing external IT consultants, who address the client’s requirements and are ready to work on a project at short notice. 

We are responsible for the search and financial settlement of contractors. The client can flexibly schedule the start of the project and adjust the number of contractors who provide the service at different stages of the IT project. 

The client is free to increase or decrease the number of contractors at any time in the course of work with no additional costs. 

The agency is responsible for the proper implementation of the service by: 

  • finding and hiring a suitable IT contractor, 
  • signing the contract,
  • the whole process of taking care of the contractor, which includes administrative, HR and payroll services and business support,
  • constant contact with the client and the contractor in order to systematically monitor the quality of cooperation on both sides.

Benefits of IT Contracting services


  • Allows the client to choose those IT competences which are necessary for his company in a given project without the need to sign a long-term contract. 
  • At any time during the project, the client may decide to expand or reduce the team of contractors according to his needs, which allows for great flexibility in resource planning and reduction of business risks associated with IT projects.


  • IT consultants are hired for a specified period of time, which makes it possible to plan and control expenses. The company can also reduce additional costs which are generated by full-time employees (HR, recruitment, payroll and IT expenses). 
  • With IT Contracting, clients can use the budgets allocated for the purchase of services, without using the funds that the company has planned for internal recruitment.


  • Michael Page provides clients with a service that allows them to focus on their core business activities, without having to invest finances and time in searching the market for suitable IT resources.
  • Our team takes care of all the formalities of working with contractors and billing for the service. Our clients can focus on taking care of their IT project. At the same time, they always have control over the quality and duration of cooperation with IT consultants.

IT Contracting models

Michael Page provides IT Contracting services in several different models. 
Please make sure to check which model will best suit the needs of your project.
If you don’t know which model to pick, it’s not a problem! Contact us, and we will help you to solve all your IT challenges.


The service consisting in hiring a single IT consultant to carry out a short- or long-term project at the client’s headquarters or remotely. The IT specialist provides the client with knowledge and experience in the IT field for the assigned tasks.


The service consisting in hiring an entire project team to carry out a short/long-term project or one selected phase. 

Benefits of these models

  • An optimal solution for companies that plan to implement a new IT solution or system implementation, but do not have the internal resources to complete the task, or their internal IT team is too small. 
  • External experts will carry out the planned project or its selected phase in a strictly defined timeframe. 
  • The company will not have to recruit and permanently hire employees with competences it will not need after the implementation is completed. That saves a lot of time and financial resources.


The service consisting in a combination of classic contracting and recruitment, as it rests on the possibility of extending cooperation even once a given project has been completed.

Benefits of the Try & Hire model

An IT consultant who has been delegated to a client as part of an IT contracting service may, upon completion of the project work, be offered a permanent position by the client, usually on the basis of an employment contract or a B2B agreement. The process verifies both the IT competence and the fit with the organizational culture.

What does the implementation of IT Contracting solutions look like?

Briefing with the client

During the conversation, a Michael Page representative learns what the requirements and specific needs of the client are. If you already know who you are looking for, we move on to talk about your expectations towards potential IT consultants both in terms of their technical competencies and soft skills. We can also help you to create a job description. 

Starting the search

Once the requirements and the price of the service have been set, the Michael Page IT Contracting team starts working on searching for the ideal IT consultant. At the same time, we use the tools developed over the years, such as databases, an extensive network of contacts, recruitment marketing, and social media.

Selecting the contractors

The next step is to provide our client with selected candidates who meet his or her requirements and budget possibilities. After getting acquainted with the offer and consulting with a representative of Michael Page, you will indicate the people who will get a cooperation proposal.

Completing the formalities

As a reliable partner, we strive to take a comprehensive approach in dealing with all the formal issues: signing the contract, administration, HR and payroll, and financial settlement of the service provided. 

Contractor care

Michael Page as an agency takes over the entire process of hiring and supporting a contractor during the implementation of an IT project for a client. The Michael Page contractor is put in touch with their contact person, who supports them in the monthly settlement of the cooperation, additional administrative and payroll issues. Our contractors are eligible for the benefits package offered by Michael Page. We ensure the satisfaction and commitment of our IT Consultants which helps us to effectively reduce turnover. 

Contact details

If you are looking for trusted and effective recruitment, partner or you want to talk about the development of new or existing structures, please contact our experts. 

Magdalena Szabelska
Associate Manager, IT Contracting

E: [email protected]
M: +48 573 790 227

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