Technology, Innovation & Recruitment Trends 2021

Discover the main challenges SME's and large companies faced in the last year, key areas for next investments and the most strategic Technology and Innovation roles.

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The Future of Hiring

People's relationship to work is changing. Because of this, companies need to adapt to better benefit from the people that work for them today and tomorrow. However, just like people, no two companies are alike. The best are evolving into more human cultures that serve their employees and their business goals, now and in the future. The Future of Hiring will help you navigate the challenges and exploit the opportunities of this new reality. Unleash the value of soft skills, enable your best people to bring even more talent to your business and find out how Michael Page can help you hire the right people at any time, every time.

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Future of Work

You’ve probably seen the headline “robots are coming for your job!” While there is no doubt that some job roles will become obsolete as technology evolves, the likes of AI, automation and robotics are not here to “take over.” They’re actually enhancing what we do, and how we do it. These robots could be better described as human-deployed tools that enable us to be more agile, more responsive and more ambitious. In other words, the future of work will be populated by technology that is deployed and implemented by humans.

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A Quick Guide To Manage Your Online Reputation

An overwhelming 73% of people were successfully hired using social media. The landscape of social media is changing but so is the way in which recruiters hire talent. The growing trend of moving away from traditional recruitment shows just how important social media is.

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