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Higher salary? Better work-life balance? More fun at work? What will be particularly important in 2023 - for you and many others? Here's what we have found out!
Over 500 professionals took part in our major New Year's Resolution survey. Most of them would like to see higher salaries, more recognition and more happiness at work in 2023.

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The results of our New Year's Resolution survey: Do you agree with the participants?

Your favorite quote for 2023

The future depends on what we do today. - Mahatma Gandhi

What does the mood barometer predict for the upcoming year?

start the new year with positive feelings
have mixed feelings about the future
do not believe that the new year will bring something good

Three career wishes for 2023? If granted a New Year’s wish

would choose a higher salary
want to further their professional development
wish for more recognition and appreciation and 30% would like to have more fun at work

Top 5 expectations from their employer:

good opportunities for advancing their career
flexible working hours
clear communication and transparency
good wellbeing offers and corporate benefits
a strong team spirit among colleagues

More or fewer working hours per week? Is there a trend?

would be willing to work more hours per week
say it would be feasible to work in a 4-day week if processes were adapted
think a 4-day work week would be feasible with adjustments to their own way of working
say a 4-day work week would be feasible if tasks would be reduced

In terms of professional development, employees would appreciate

more information on the salary they can expect
advice on which job profiles are suitable for them
advice on how to remain attractive on the job market

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Would you like to see our current vacancies?
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