Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Michael Page services free for job seekers?

Yes, of course. Support in job search is completely free for all candidates.

2. How can I apply for a job with the help of Michael Page?

You can either apply for a chosen position or send us your CV without selecting a specific job offer. We sometimes recommend taking part in the recruitment process, if the applicant’s profile fits the employer’s needs.

3. Do I have to send a separate application to every position?

There is no need. After filling out the application form on our website, you can apply to all available jobs, neither having to retype the data nor reload the documents. You can also create an account on MyPage – its main advantage is that once having uploaded your CV, you can apply for various positions with a single click.

4. What is MyPage?

This is our internal recruitment portal, which allows you to create a candidate account. It enables you to receive e-mails containing selected job offers and set your own search criteria. Creating an account greatly facilitates further recruitment process. Having uploaded your CV just once, you can easily apply for any position.

Enter or sign up for mypage.

5. What information should I provide, registering as a candidate?

Please send us a compelling resume – detailing your education, skills, progress of your career to date, as well as you career plans – so that we can properly classify your application and find a job matching your expectations and qualifications.  You can also provide the information about your salary expectations, contract termination details with your current employer, and tell us when you can start the new job.

6. How will Michael Page find a suitable job for me?

With each job offer we search our database to find candidates that match the customer’s expectations. If your qualifications are compatible with the requirements of a potential employer, we will contact you as soon as possible.

7. When will your consultant contact me?

Our consultant will contact you if your profile fits the position you are applying for. In this case, you may be invited for an interview. If your interests and skills match another job offer, we will also contact you. If you want to be kept informed about our new job offers, set up email notifications from the area of your interest.

8. How does the meeting with a Michael Page consultant look like?

Our consultant will help you optimise your CV and advise you on your professional opportunities. We try to get to know you best by – for example – specifying your expectations regarding the employer and salary as well as your professional ambitions and plans.

9. What happens after the interview?

After a successful interview with a Michael Page consultant we might pass your profile on to the prospective employer. If they are interested in you, we will determine the date of the job interview. Remember that we will never pass your data on to our client without your knowledge and explicit consent.

10. How do I know that Michael Page has got my current resume?

To be able to represent you to the best of our abilities in front of our client, we need to have current information about you. You can inform us about changes in your career or raising your professional qualifications anytime. This can be done by applying for any position – your resume will be updated then.

11. How can I remove my data?

You can request the removal of your personal data anytime – just send us an adequate email. However, we would like to assist you in your career development and believe that the cooperation with us can prove beneficial to you. Remember that you can always re-establish contact with us, update your profile and re-start looking for a job. If you want to learn more, see our Privacy Policy.

12. Why is the employer’s name often not specified in the job ad?

Many of our clients want to remain anonymous, so as not to publicly communicate the need for a new employee – they don’t want to inform the competition or are planning to introduce a new product.

13. Some of the job announcements hold no information about the salary. Why is that?

As the remuneration varies, depending on the qualifications held by an employee, it is eventually being determined during the recruitment process.

14. Personal data protection

See our rules on personal data protection.