How can companies increase their resilience and their workers’ resilience in the face of constant change? Through skills training with a focus on upskilling and reskilling. But also, with a focus on the skills available in the market, and on the skills that will help your team’s growth and productivity. 

This blended approach to learning and development, with one eye always on the employment market, will help companies navigate any potential skills gap that might arise from technology or changes to their markets. 

This eBook will help you discover the benefits of upskilling and reskilling, which today is more vital than ever for companies actively hiring. A recent European study by PageGroup found that: on average 32% of job applicants have done some form of reskilling, 34% have done some form of upskilling, and 30% have attended webinars related to their role. 

And even though there may be some uncertainty over your hiring plans today, it is our firm belief that a blend of hiring the right talent at the right time, and continually training your existing team is the best way to future-proof and grow your business. 

In today’s market, it is crucial to broaden your horizons when you are recruiting new people into your organisation. Taking a fresh approach to the way that you run your recruitment processes will enable you to access previously untapped talent. 

In this eBook you will find information on:

  • how to conduct competence-based interviews to pull out the hidden skills of your potential employees
  • assessing your current team’s skills and how you can apply the same techniques to your hiring efforts, so you can better identify any potential skills gaps
  • how PageGroup runs learning and development to benefit the whole organisation through upskilling and reskilling. 

Download the eBook today and learn how you can ensure you have the skills on your team you need to succeed!

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