Recruitment - procurement and supply chain

These days, thanks to the development of tools used to effectively analyse big data, the companies whose activity is related to sourcing and supply chain can make proper decisions much better than ever before. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, many factors are processed at a pace that is unattainable for a human being. At this point, one needs to take account of blockchain technology, whose application enhances the security and transparency of the transactions made.
Having said that, at the basis of each company are people: it would be perfect if recruitment in procurement and supply chain were in the hands of professionals. Indeed, the area in which Michael Page Procurement & Supply Chain specialises is personnel consultancy and recruitment of specialists, managers, and the managing staff in such areas as procurement and supply chain. Below are the sectors we work in:

  • Consumer goods
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical devices
  • Packaging
  • Automotive
  • Construction materials
  • Chemical industry
  • Heavy industry

Effective recruitment in procurement and logistics

Recruitment in logistics and procurement is related to a number of challenges: doubtless, access to the best and most motivated candidates is getting more and more difficult. Thanks to a thorough analysis of the market, the knowledge and understanding of the competences available, and the network of contacts, our team successfully handles recruitment processes in such areas as: supply chain management, procurement (production and non-production), category management, planning, transport and forwarding, customer service, or project management.

Entrust us with your recruitment project

Recruitment company Michael Page is one of the international leaders of personnel consulting. We hire the best, most experienced and effective recruiters who make up teams with appropriate expertise in specific sectors of the industry and business. This allows us to gain top talented experts, managers and directors in Procurement and Supply Chain.


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