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The word “change” has been tossed around by everybody recently, including retail. Certainly, not without a reason. Today, it is not enough to simply have a better sales volume than the year before. The retail sector needs to adapt to the new needs of its clients who expect a real customer experience instead of a couple of ordinary shelves with a stack of merchandise. The industry also needs to offer more than before if it does not want to lose customers, and wage a winning battle with on-line selling sites. Creating shopping & living places, using more and more technologies that cooperate with smartphones, and taking advantage of the assets of brick and mortar shops in a smart way – all this can be a key to gaining competitive advantage over e-commerce. Having said that, change requires people who will follow trends and take a company into a new digital era.

As far as recruitment in retail is concerned, it is worth trusting the best – the Michael Page Retail team. Staff recruitment for the retail sector ought to be conducted by advisors who have passion and experience. Our experts have been reaching out to specialists, and middle and senior management, using a number of reliable recruitment methods, matching employers with top talent in the industry.

Who can we find for you?

Directors and managers functioning at the operational level:

  • General Manager
  • Country Retail Manager
  • Regional Director
  • Sales Director

Experts on marketing and customer experience management:

  • Marketing Director
  • Marketing Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • PR Manager
  • VM Manager
  • Trade Marketing Manager
  • Trade Marketing Specialist
  • Marketing Specialist

Experts dealing with shopping and handling processes in a sales network:

  • Director of Sales Department
  • Category Manager
  • Store Manager
  • Merchant

Entrust us with your recruitment project

Michael Page is one of the largest global recruitment companies. We hire the best, most experienced and effective consultants who make up teams with expertise in specific branches of the industry and business. This allows us to acquire top talented specialists, managers and directors who have a major impact on the growth and success of our clients’ companies. Our recruitment advisors look at several factors and use reliable tools to match an employer with a candidate who fits best to his or her requirements.



We are your business partner
We are a partner for our clients: we offer them our vast experience at each stage of the recruitment process, advising them on the selection and evaluation of candidates. We build long-term relations, supporting our client every time his or her company needs new talent to work in retail.

We know the market, and we know exactly who you are looking for
Consultants from the Michael Page Retail team have in-depth knowledge about the specialisation and profiles of candidates sought by employers from the retail sector, and thanks to a close cooperation with clients and candidates, this knowledge is updated on an ongoing basis.

We know how to reach out to every candidate…
Thanks to the modern sourcing strategies, an extended and daily updated candidate database, as well as a high specialisation of our recruiters, we are capable of finding and inviting to an interview every experienced manager and director who operates in retail. We know most of them personally, because we meet with candidates on a regular basis, and we maintain long-term relationships with them.

… and pick the right person who is a good match for your requirements
Our services include a detailed evaluation of candidates and checking their references. At the request of our client, we can also prepare additional psychological and/or substantive tests, or organise an assessment centre. We pay attention to a number of factors to be sure that the person who is selected is not just a great expert in retail, but also fits in well with the team.


Would you like to talk about the candidate you are looking for?

Send us your job spec or get in touch with our nearest office to talk to our experts.