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Modern digital solutions that facilitate cooperation on projects, and smart devices connected with one another by means of the Internet of Things: these novelties will very shortly change the whole construction industry, which is moving away from its classic modus operandi based on the project, bid and construction trio. The major challenges in the real estate market, in turn, include the rising prices of bank credits, which have an impact on the demand for flats, as well as the growing prices of construction materials. Even the seemingly unrelated to the industry blockchain technology matters a great deal, as economic trends have a great influence on the real estate market worldwide. Change is indeed an inextricable element of growth in basically every industry, and companies that want to gain and keep competitive advantage have to invest in people who are ready for digital transformation. There is absolutely no room for mistakes, which is why it is worth entrusting top experts with specialist recruitment.

Recruitment in property & construction - who can we find four you?

The goal of Michael Page Property & Construction is to select and recruit top experts for field work, and office work. We recruit specialists, managers and directors for developers, planning and design firms, investment funds, real estate agencies, and construction and contractor companies. We can find the best candidates for the following positions for you:

  • Project Manager / Technical Director
  • Development Manager / Director
  • Leasing Manager / Director
  • Asset Manager / Asset Director
  • Property Manager
  • Fit Out Manager
  • Facility Manager
  • Contract Manager / Director
  • Site Manager / Site Engineer
  • Designer

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Michael Page is one of the biggest staffing firms in the world. We hire the best, most experienced and effective recruiters who make up teams with appropriate expertise in specific sectors of the industry and business. This allows us to gain most talented experts, managers and directors who have a major impact on the growth and success of our clients’ businesses. Our recruitment consultants look at several factors and use reliable tools to connect an employer with a candidate who is as close a match to his/her requirements.


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