5G network, yet another generation of mobile telecommunication, is gaining momentum, although it has not been launched yet. The fifth generation network should be commonly available only in 2020; however, in different parts of the world, trials and pilot programmes are being held that will help us to realise what we can really gain from this technology.  Although there is still a long way to go before the release of 5G, it is worth getting ready for its advent. Let’s have a closer look at it against the backdrop of the new opportunities opening themselves up for representatives of broadly defined marketing.

Advertising carrier in your pocket

Today, almost everyone has a smartphone with them, which is indeed a device that allows receiving advertising content. If the business forecasts work out, by 2020, 70% of the world population will own a smartphone, which for marketers means an unprecedented opportunity to reach out to a large number of potential users of goods and services, especially given that the instant data transfer in 5G will make it possible to download, install and use any application within seconds. This means that clients will no longer be wasting their time – of which these days they are suffering a severe deficit – waiting for the app to download through an overloaded and slow network. Also, the development of the technology of Virtual Reality (VR) will allow people visiting a shop with furniture to visualize new chairs in their living room and make a decision to get them, being under the influence of whatever they saw on the screen. It is enough to download an appropriate application on a smartphone or tablet. According to forecasts, 73% of the entire Internet consumption in 2018 will take place with the use of mobile devices. Hence, it is worth taking these data into account in marketing budgets.

Advertising tailored to suit your needs

The concept of the Internet of Things is gaining popularity. Among other things, it has an impact on retail marketers. It is worth mentioning proximity marketing, which rests on reaching a client’s smartphone directly with an offer when he or she is within the reach of detectors (beacons) placed near a shop. These detectors cooperating with GPS technology can also navigate a client around a shop, indeed with great precision. Devices connected into the Internet of Things will become carriers of a great deal of precious information about a potential client and will, in fact, be following every step he or she makes. Digital marketing experts need to be able to use the information gathered about a client so as to reach to him or her with an individually selected advertising message depending on the place where he/she – or indeed his or her smartphone – is located. By avoiding unfitting ads, marketers will to a large extent increase the chances that a client will grow interested in their product or service. For digital marketers, the Internet of Things, which indeed is picking up steam, is opening up the possibility to reach out to consumers with new content, and it is a great chance for IT experts to find a satisfying and well-paid job. Thanks to the huge speed of data transfer in 5G, brands will be able to inform clients in real time about price changes, deliveries, or bargains. For sure, Marketing Managers will also avail themselves of the potential of holograms and video live streaming without delays.

Being able to quickly pitch to a client

By means of the 5G network, video marketing specialists will also be able to send consumers films in Ultra HD quality, 360o technology, or with elements of augmented reality – in just a few seconds. Highly involving video content will arouse emotions; it gets stuck in people’s heads, and it can encourage a recipient to interact with a given brand. Potential clients will no longer have to worry about data transfer, and maybe they will be even more eager to watch the ad on their smartphones. Mobile advertising expenditure is due to grow: if this translates into its quality, digital marketers will surely be looking to the chances to effectively reach out to their recipients. Also, thanks to 5G, customer service will benefit a great deal in many industries. 4k video chatting with a company consultant – or a smart robot – will surely be a far more interesting experience than a regular conversation on the phone, or a communicator.


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