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Nikon is one of the world's leading suppliers of products and solutions based on advanced opto-electronics and precision technologies.
Nikon's technological expertise meets the needs of people everywhere.

Our office culture

Nikons’ employees are more than just coworkers. Individuals treat each other with respect and kindness, and our company culture encourages meaningful interactions between colleagues across Europe.

You will meet service-oriented team players who have dedicated themselves to high levels of working effectiveness and to the success of our company with a long-term view.

Working for Nikon

Nikon offers a host of career development opportunities, rewarding superior performance as well as encouraging knowledge increase, transfer and sharing to its full extent. 

Nikon has consistently been a brand which is highly recognized and trusted around the world, contributing to industry and peoples' lives. Applying the technologies we have developed to various fields and creating new values, which embody our vision of "Unlock the future with the power of light".

Our location

al. Jerozolimskie 180, 02-486 Warszawa, Poland

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